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Phillip M Jackson
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***Minor Spoilers***

Even at their worst (Iron Man 2), the Marvel movies (The real ones, not that sh*t Fox and Sony keep excreting) are always a fun ride, well worth the price of a cinema ticket. Age of Ultron maintains that level of entertainment.
Despite having a huge array of characters nibbling at screen time, it never feels as sluggish as the midsection of the first Avengers flick. It rockets along at a glorious pace and maintains focus on its own story, but at the same time, Age of Ultron isn’t as good a tale.
Whereas Avengers felt like the end point that multiple movies had been leading up to, Age of Ultron doesn’t seem to further the series’ overarching narrative. It exists purely so we can spend more time in the company of the characters we know and love. Not a bad thing per se, especially with the usual barrage of fast quips and gags causing some genuine LOL moments (“I’m sorry”), but it does make the movie seem more forgettable than those before it. It has no real beginning and no real end. In the future, when we’re doing movie marathons and watching the Marvel films back-to-back, this will be one of those that you don’t mind leaving for a pee break. To its companion movies, it’s what Two Towers is to Fellowship of the Ring and Return of the King: the middle one where there’s some walking, some talking and some fighting, but we’re really just killing time before the final chapter.
While Ultron is played brilliantly and makes a supurb villain, Baron Strucker and Hydra, whose presence had been built up at the tail end of Winter Soldier, are utterly wasted. Both register barely a blip in Age of Ultron when it seemed they should have had a more prominent role. I don’t mind if the conflict with Hydra is confined to the Agents of SHIELD TV series, but if there’s no space for them in the movies: don’t put them in! Good villains are hard to come by. Use them properly!

Oh, and don't wait until the end of the credits. We get a mid-credits stinger but nothing else...... I was kinda hoping for Spiderman.


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Marshall123x Featured By Owner 17 hours ago
So Jack, been meaning to ask you, has using patreon made a difference for you?
Hidden by Owner
jollyjack Featured By Owner 18 hours ago
Thank you for trying to help, but broadcasting those sites doesn't help. It does the opposit.
xCJ274x Featured By Owner 4 hours ago
Yeah... Didn't think of that. Haha.
williamtheblue Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Jack Have you seen Jarred Leto's official picture as Joker. I think it's the pants wetting kind of terrifying that we all have been waiting for.
jollyjack Featured By Owner 1 day ago
uuuuugh.....i feel a rant coming on......
MartinElMartian Featured By Owner 18 hours ago
do eeeets, let the rants come
barcod Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Merry St George's day

your the only English artist I know on here, gotta say it to someone :V
NightmareVF Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Writer
On a unrelated note, are you currently or will be conducting commissions soon?
srmalloy Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I'm pretty sure that the reasons Disney decided to make the EU "legends" were to let them forge a consistent storyline (face it, the EU has a number of serious contradictions from the different stories) and to let them manage the rights on characters and storylines, picking and choosing which characters and plots they want to incorporate, rather than being stuck with the morass of "include _this_ character, and you have to negotiate with writer _A_ for the rights, but that character's story depends on this _other_ story, negotiating the rights from writer _B_, but _that_ story depends on this _other_ story, making you negotiate for rights from writer _C_..." That, and the baggage of having all of the EU 'continuity' fettering what the scriptwriters do, with the alternative being thousands of fans bitching horribly about how _these_ events in the movie contradict the EU canon. It's far easier for them to slide all that to one side and then pick and choose the best parts to incorporate in the new canon.
joeycreative Featured By Owner 4 days ago
My prediction for Star Wars Force Awakens is that it will be very pretty, we'll probably have fun watching it, but five seconds out of the theater and we'll have forgotten what just happened. Abrams tends to be very forgettable for me.

He's like a robot chef. He knows the ingredients that are needed to put a film together, he can give you what's written down on the page, but he has no actual sense of taste, so there's something missing inherently. But if 15 years of Lucas trying to ruin Star Wars for me hasn't killed my enthusiasm for this universe, I can't see Abrams finally being the nail in that coffin.

It will still probably be miles and above better then Dawn of Justice. I wish Warner Bros would take a lesson from Sony and learn that shared universe storytelling can work, but not without the foundation to support it. Even if all they care about is gross revenue, Man of Steel didn't even beat out Iron Man 3, a movie about a character no one even knew until recently. I kind of wish they'd done a Batman Beyond adaptation instead. 
jLundhArt Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
What about the Fantastic 4 trailer?
NightmareVF Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Writer
He didn't like the idea of Ben Affleck as Batman, chances are that he isn't TOO happy about this new Fantastic 4 but it doesn't look bad :S
jLundhArt Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Not having read a single DC or Marvel comic in about 16 years (and not being much of a reader prior to that) makes me completely unbiased as far as the storyline and characters are concerned. I just go for the entertainment, and as far as that goes, F4 looks very promising.
kaiomutaru25 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2015  Student Digital Artist
with the trailer for Batfleck V superman released, I wonder if you have some sort of satire comic planed in your head. if so i bet you're going to be harsh.
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