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Phillip M Jackson
United Kingdom
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I thought this Jaguar advert was only going to air in the US, but i recently saw it pop up over here, too.
I guess if you're going to hire the likes of Sir Ben F**king Kingsley (full name) and company to peddle your products; you want to go multi-region to get your money's worth.

Theatrics aside, it made me ponder on why Britain has this villainous reputation, and I started to compile a list:

The British Empire was the biggest drug-dealing organisation in history and made a fortune selling opium to China. In the mid 19th century, when the Chinese Emperor tried to stop them, they sent in The Nemesis – basically the Death Star of the era – which proceeded to decimate the entire Chinese fleet. Then they stole Hong Kong.

In an emergency, such as a disaster or terror attack, an intelligence committee is convened. Its codename is “COBRA”.

The British military’s communication network is called “Skynet”.

The UK got screwed over with the Manhattan Project (… ) so they made something worse:

They accidentally build giant, solar weapons -…

Pretty much every territorial dispute across the Middle East and Indian subcontinent is down to the Brits drawing lines on a map at some point over the past 200 years. the hell are we still here? The island is quite clearly populated by Super Villains. Why has no one glassed this rock?!


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One of the few artists that I have known about before I became a part of this site. I do not know why it took me so long to actually watch you.
Panty-Panties Apr 12, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
over 13 million views....why havent i watched you!!?
VM893 Apr 12, 2014  New member Student Traditional Artist
What you thought of Winter Soldier: You didn't like it? ok, whatever. I don't care. i thought it was great, I loved it. I thought the action scenes were awesome. I don't see how the whole thing with Hydra is a cliche. Why must you think everything nowadays is so generic? I dunno, maybe some people are just too stuck being hipsters that they just can't give it a pass and move on to worrying about something that really matters like climate change or the plight of impoverished countries or even their own financial security. 

What you thought about Thor: what you said seems rather biased seeing as numerous other people who didn't like it said similar things about the film. Luckily I'm part of the side that finds the movie to be great and highly under-appreciated...though I admit that you weren't that far off with you had to say about Iron Man 2. 

What you think about Frozen: Like With Captain America: the Winter Soldier, you seem to be in the vast minority of people who disliked it. Why even bother hating on a film if most people are just going to toss your opinion aside and just continue to love that film anyway? but I guess that's just your mentality, and the mentality  whatever small percentage of people didn't find Winter Soldier or Frozen good. nobody's going about what you think except for the haters and yourself.

What you think about Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: ok, this a reverse of the points I was making before. I don't think the 4th Indiana Jones film is as bad as people keep saying it is. In anticipation of its release, I decided to check out the three other films first. When came out, I enjoyed it, saw twice in theaters, and bought it when it came out on DvD. As time went on, I noticed it wasn't exactly great like Raiders or Last Crusade, but neither is it terrible or even bad. I feel as the film suffers from an overabundance of negative reactions from the fan base. If anything, I find Temple of Doom to be the worst in the series. Yes, I have heard the arguments made about why people don't like it, but I think many of those opinions are hugely exaggerated. Yes, Crystal Skull is flawed out the wazoo, but that does not necessarily mean that a film with a lot of problems is a bad one. I mean look at the first Spider-Man movie, it has many flaws but it's not terrible, is it? maybe this is one of those films that will get better received by the fan base over time, and you'd think it would even 6 years since its release? sigh, guess this one's gonna have to wait a little longer in order to gain more appreciation...whatever number of years that'll take to happen. and seeing how it's been 6 years, don't you think it's time to just let go of the hatred and move on, or are you just going to keep thinking of Temple of Doom as superior to it? sigh, sometimes I myself just don't understand why fanboys are like that. I don't know, maybe it has something to do with being a hipster....or maybe it's because they still have a bad taste in their mouth from George Lucas in the aftermath of the Star Wars prequels...which I admit weren't great (especially the ever-horrible Phantom Menace) kind of got better as they went along. Attack of the Clones was just Ok, and Revenge of the Sith surprisingly came the closest to being really good...albeit still full of problems and mistakes. 
Ahh, welcome to The Internet (tm). It's a crazy place, where people can voice opinions, which funnily enough, others may not agree with. Such is life, a veritable random carnival of mutual agreement and arguments. Each is entitled to their own, and that's what you have to remember. Just don't take it to heart, and if something winds you up then maybe it's not a wise idea to start calling people names and telling them their opinions suck.

Then again, a lot of people on the internet are just too stuck being mild trolls, and can't give it a pass and move onto other sites that may have things that fit into their own personal world view.

Just sayin' ;O)
I knew it.  I knew Hillary was watching.

I bet she recorded it too and is now in the process of streaming it....
you make me hate furries more then i already did
Looking at your icon: You can't hate them that much.
I mean the humanoids

cat with human qualities
:iconteheplz: Talk about your purr-verts, huh?
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classic jollyjack B-)
Marshall123x Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
AJInu-Okami Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Apparently Hilary does and she is enjoying every last bit of it (and probably recorded it and rewinding it).
VM893 Apr 11, 2014  New member Student Traditional Artist
My God, Hilary is a real c***bag. She's basically your version of Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones. 
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