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January 24, 2013
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Doomsday Jack by jollyjack Doomsday Jack by jollyjack
I have a nasty habit of scaring myself when studying the precarious house of cards that is western civilization. We’re almost always 7 days away from starvation. One hiccup with the oil supply and the supermarkets don’t get restocked.
Then what?
People panic when there’s a little snow, here. God knows what they’ll do if there’s a genuine crisis.
So, I thought it best to assemble a “Time to get the hell out of here” kit, just in case society collapses and I have to make a run for it.

There’s a whole bunch of other goodies I’ve got tucked away in those pouches. Everything from wire-saws to little bullet-proof mirrors. Key components are listed: food, water, fire, first aid and pointy things.

Maybe I've been playing too much Fallout. Maybe I need to go watch some cartoons. Regardless: I'm ready!!
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nothing for sleeping ?
MysteriMaan Oct 27, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
How's that storm treating ya ? I hope this equipment and stuff you prepared is enough.
ah was in scout's so ah salute your prepairedness.
One: You make no mention of needing the snazzy coat, which you will because according to alot of sources you need that cool billow effect in the wind that no one is going to see because you are the last of us to survive.

Two: Cartoons will make you be prepping way harder.
Once you fight your way from the cities hop on a sail boat and get to North America as soon as you can, we can show you how to survive in a godforsaken frozen tundra or a blisteringly hot desert.
its a good thing your prepared, i just need the straw the allows you to drink through a gas mask. so hard to find these days.
Mauser712 Mar 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
If you're only expecting to carry 7 days of food in order to reach a rally point, I don't understand the prohibition on a battery-operated radio. For one thing, a typical small transistor radio seems to last for months on a set of alkalines.

Also, a 9V battery and a bit of steel wool make an excellent fire starter.

I have a wind-up radio/light. They don't last very long even on a good winding, and are subject to mechanical breakdown if you get too enthusiastic. Solar-rechargeable might make a better bet.
You bear a very strong resemblance to this DC comics character [link](New_Earth)
But either way you look pretty wicked.
kelvren Feb 28, 2013  Student Writer
That is an impressive kit, sir. I should get myself something similar. And you have the exact same duster I do, interestingly enough.
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