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November 17, 2008
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Evil Toymaker at play by jollyjack Evil Toymaker at play by jollyjack
A pic from the early stages of production on Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.
At that point of production it’s a case of “Draw a lot of stuff and see what sticks”.
A lot doesn’t, but there are quite a few unused images and designs that I really quite liked, including this one.
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Lugbzurg Nov 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
This... Just this would have made the whole experience better! I've seen some other really awesome stuff, like Banjo running (yes, RUNNING) away from some pig cops in a Spagonia-type area.
While I believe G.O.G. (or as he was later called, L.O.G.) is a great character as he is now, having this version of him as a separate character wouldn't be a bad idea. He could've been a jealous, manipulative worker who was leading Grunty and Banjo on so that he could take over L.O.G.'s factory. That way, you wouldn't have wasted a great character design! :D

Also, I can see why you changed his name to L.O.G. instead of G.O.G.; L.O.G. actually means something. Not only that, but it's yet another Rare innuendo.
This is fantastic!, Your gallery is amazing!! :D
I kind of wish this guy would've made it into the game now instead.
Lovely Character-design. well done
Again I really wish you would post all your work...its simply splended!
Also I Was wondering...In klungo's arcade: is the background for Klungo saves teh world your pic? where klungo dressed as a space warrior saving a damsil in distress from grunty? Im sure it is...

A few of my friend said that pic reminded them of sure you've never heard of it XD
Anyway, another great piece and another great job! :D
Very interesting concept here that I look forward to seeing in another Banjo game if possible. :)
I prefer the idea of an Evil Toymaker to LOG personally; a Toymaker playing with his toys seems to work better than a computer deity messing with his... programs? Data?
Not only that but with the whole building concept, it's like a child's Legos or blocks.

Either way, very nice work. :)
Mothnote Nov 26, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Get this guy in a Banjo sequel - he would be awesome as a villian!

I really like this design. Very odd, and Tim Burton-esque. I can see how this character eventually turned into the Lord Of Games; seeing as L.O.G. sets up Banjo and Gruntilda to participate in his own game worlds. This character looks like he would've done much the same, except he'd be pitting them against each other to serve his own ends.

Even though you've designed the character, does the fact it's not been used in the game mean you still own the design yourself? Ordoes Rare own the design now?

due thats too fukin awsome
Evil? no.. Crzy? maybe.

I J Signing Off.
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