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I’ve only ever completed one GTA game, and that was the original, arcady, top-down joy-ride. I played and loved Vice City, but my save got corrupted and I’ve not returned to it. I enjoyed San Andreas (once it got going), but never finished it because the gang-warfare crap near (what I’m told is) the end became tedious enough to stop playing.
Despite not playing to completion, those games did eat a huge amount of my time. Now GTA 4 is a week away from release; my personal projects are a week away from grinding to a halt! As soon as that game falls into my hands, I’m gonna lose all my free time to it. I don’t WANT it to, but it will, because this time it looks like they’ve nailed the formula, which could make it the most effective Time Thief in the history of interactive entertainment.
Damn Russians……
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Though it's deliciously ironic that the US is becoming more and more like Soviet era Russia, the legislation detailed in the above link would have a devistating effect if passed.
It would kill sites like DA.
If it does go through, I'm going to have to shut down my gallery here, and I'm sure hundreds of other artists will do the same, and give serious thought as to the future of my website.
Though I'm based in the UK, where my work would continue to be protected by international copyright law, an argument could be posed that use of American-based sites subjects artwork to American law.
It's a little worrying that there are rumours a similar piece of legislation is being considered on THIS side of the pond, too....
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  • Watching: Action films.
  • Playing: Team Fortress 2....again.
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The latest addition to the collection of esoteric knick-knacks that adorn my work-space is by far the most menacing.
Of all the devices I have thus far acquired, it perhaps even surpasses the cool-factor of my Manmelter 3600 ZX disintegrator pistol!
Something so diabolical, evil and destructive that it has 2 safety switches, a security key ignition and a safety shield.
Not just any button, THE button.…
And it's MINE!

…..uh……just don't ask what it does. I've not had the guts to push it yet.
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  • Watching: Action films.
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The BBC aired the Superbowl on my side of the pond over the weekend and, for the sake of research, I thought I'd watch a bit of it.
It was as bright and loud as I'd expected it to be, but, to my surprise, I found it slow. Very slow. It was like watching golf, but with cheerleaders on the side. I felt I was spending most of my time watching the decidedly large gentlemen PREPARE to play the game rather than actually PLAY it.
This might have something to do with the rules, the basics of which take up 4060 words in Wikipedia, as opposed to the 410 words used to detail the key points of Rugby; the game from which American Football originates. More rules = more debate = less game time.
Another thing I have to question is the armour. I generally don't make a point of mocking people that could easily snap me like a twig, but when said people wrap themselves in a duvet and bounce off each other like they're wearing sumo-suits, they do lose some of their menace. It's like they've seen what happens to Rugby players (…) and communally said; "We're not leaving this locker room 'till you bring us a helmet, goggles and a sh*t load of cushions!!"
I want to know when this happened! I'm a huge fan of history, so I know American Football wasn't always this wimpy. Back in the 20s and 30s they made do with a bit of leather padding on their head, as is the full extent of (optional) armour worn by contemporary players of Rugby and Aussie "scariest bloody game in the world" Rules.
For those that will no doubt argue that AF is indeed a brutal sport and that I'm talking out of my arse again, I point you to this clip. Ireland vs Australia:…
Any game in which you get a mere yellow card for starting a mass brawl on pitch is a game worth watching as far as I'm concerned :)
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  • Watching: Action films.
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Unnecessary aggression is far too common on the internet. Forums are full of people that seem to do naught but badmouth. These individuals are, on the whole, cowardly attention seekers. The type that heckle you in the street if you stand out for some reason, but only do so from the safety of the other side of the road, and only if flanked by at least 3 likeminded urchins.
We normal, slightly more civil folk outnumber them 100 to 1, but this counts for naught on the internet as nothing is face to face, making cowards feel brave. Here, we’re all just a name, an icon and whatever text we type, meaning that we’re only an entity if we are read. You don’t exist here without an audience. So, to tackle the vermin whose vocabulary consists of only profanities and whose posts are all insulting or derogatory; ignore them. Don’t respond. Let them waste their time. Even the most thick-headed will tire of talking to no one and will eventually either disappear or wise-up to the fact that you'll get a lot further being nice than by being a little prig.
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I've been asked a number of times what this symbol means: £

A question both amusing and distressing in equal measure.

The pound (symbol: £; ISO code: GBP), subdivided into 100 pence (singular: penny), is the currency of the United Kingdom and its Crown dependencies (the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands).
Sterling currently makes up the third largest portion of global currency reserves after the US dollar and the euro. The pound sterling is the fourth most-traded currency in the foreign exchange market after the US dollar, the euro, and the Japanese yen.
The full, official name pound sterling (plural: pounds sterling) is used mainly in formal contexts and also when it is necessary to distinguish the currency used within the United Kingdom from others that have the same name. The currency name — but not the names of its units — is sometimes abbreviated to just "sterling", particularly in the wholesale financial markets; so "payment accepted in sterling" but never "that costs five sterling". The abbreviations "ster." or "stg." are sometimes used. The term British pound is commonly used in less formal contexts, although it is not an official name of the currency. A common slang term is quid (plural quid).
The currency sign is the pound sign, originally ₤ with two cross-bars, then later more commonly £ with a single cross-bar. The pound sign derives from the black-letter "L", from the abbreviation LSD – librae, solidi, denarii – used for the pounds, shillings and pence of the original duodecimal currency system. Libra was the basic Roman unit of weight, which in turn derived from the Latin word for scales or balance. The ISO 4217 currency code is GBP (Great Britain pound). Occasionally the abbreviation UKP is seen but this is incorrect. The Crown dependencies use their own (non-ISO) codes. Stocks are often traded in pence, so traders may refer to Pence sterling, GBX (sometimes GBp), when listing stock prices.

There. Now you know......
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“Do you have a website?”
“I’ve heard you have a webcomic. Where can I find it?”
“Webcomic? What is this you speak of?”
“You have a website?”
“Where is your website?”
“Can you tell me the address of your website?”
“Do you have a website?”
“I can’t find your website?”
“Do you have a website?”


No, I don’t.

That little combination of letters and symbols that has followed the word “website” in my profile ever since I joined DA is purely for decoration.

Just ignore it.

And please stop asking!!
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I've been asked a number of times of late for tips on how to draw. As my answer is always the same; I thought it a good idea to post it here.


You can look over as many tutorials as you like and read as many 'How to draw….' books as you can buy, but if you don't put pencil to paper non-stop, you're never gonna improve.
If you want to better your skills, get yourself a block of paper and just DRAW. It doesn't matter if what you sketch out is crap (and it will be for a long time), you don't have to show it to anyone. The whole point is that, with each stroke of the pen you get a little bit better, you become a touch more proficient and your personal style develops.
This is something I'm still doing. There are loads of artist out there whose work I think is FAR superior to mine (quite a few are listed in my DA Favourites) and I know perfectly well that if I want to become half as good as them I've got to knuckle down and put the effort in.
Practice practice practice.
THAT's how you become a good artist.
Get too it, Ladies and Gents.
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Sales from my Apsara Portfolio page have taken a bit of a dent lately, because people are posting on various forums, in their entirety, the mini-comics usually sold there.
Thanks for that :(
If it keeps up, there will be no point in me continuing that little enterprise.
It is also making me less inclined to put a full length comic up on the CollectedCurios main site.
Maintaining a site costs money, people. If you keep scuppering my plans to generate it; I'll end up having to shut it down.
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In answer to certain questions posed:
No. I'm not dead.
Yes. I do update my DA account/gallery/thing regularly!
I'm just not much of a blogger.
Plus, I like playing the 'Mysterious Artist', whom folks know very little about. I can't keep that up if I constantly gab about my day-to-day endeavours! :D
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Righto…..I've had this Deviant account for a while now and not done a thing with it. Time to start dumping a few things in here!