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Sales from my Apsara Portfolio page have taken a bit of a dent lately, because people are posting on various forums, in their entirety, the mini-comics usually sold there.
Thanks for that :(
If it keeps up, there will be no point in me continuing that little enterprise.
It is also making me less inclined to put a full length comic up on the CollectedCurios main site.
Maintaining a site costs money, people. If you keep scuppering my plans to generate it; I'll end up having to shut it down.
  • Listening to: Very loud music.
  • Reading: Empowered
  • Watching: Top Gear
  • Playing: Defcon
  • Eating: Chicken
  • Drinking: Orange juice from an ice-filled glass
In answer to certain questions posed:
No. I'm not dead.
Yes. I do update my DA account/gallery/thing regularly!
I'm just not much of a blogger.
Plus, I like playing the 'Mysterious Artist', whom folks know very little about. I can't keep that up if I constantly gab about my day-to-day endeavours! :D
  • Listening to: Very loud music.
  • Reading: Tom Strong/Slaine/The Search for Zero Point
  • Watching: Master and Commander
  • Playing: Capcom Classics 2
  • Eating: pie
  • Drinking: Ice cold beverages of a non-alcoholic nature.
Righto…..I've had this Deviant account for a while now and not done a thing with it. Time to start dumping a few things in here!